Feminist Boys Studies Research Group

The Feminist Boys Studies Research Group works to explore and develop a distinctive approach to research on boys, boyhood, and the conjunction of youth and masculinity. Our affirmative approach is committed to moving beyond seeing boys and boyhood as obstacles to a more gender equal future and to critically inquire into the experiences and representations of boys, without homogenising them but also without reducing them to a problem space.


Feminist Boys Studies Research Group



Call for Expressions of Interest: Australian Feminist Studies special issue

The Feminist Boys Studies Research Group is editing a special issue of Australian Feminist Studies.
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Representing the manosphere

As academics, we care about the audiences for our research and the value of what we do. A blog provides us with the opportunity for ‘conversational scholarship’ (Gregg 2006) and to share new ideas and information to a broader audience. A blog also allows us to tease out an idea or start a discussion. The Feminist Boys Studies group is in the process of thinking about practical ways that teachers can help boys, especially in the early years of schooling.