Feminist Boys Studies Research Group


Claire Charles, Lucinda McKnight & George Variyan – “Elite private boys’ schooling, feminism and gender justice: provocations and dilemmas from interviews with alumni” [additional reading, Pini & Pease]. Chair, Finola Laughren.

22 April (11am-1pm)

CJ Pascoe – “The Politics of Protection: Inequality and Change in High School” [additional reading, Pascoe forthcoming]. Chair, Jessica Kean.

20 May (11am-1pm)

Andrea Waling – “M-SEX: Exploring cisgender, heterosexual men’s understandings of and engagements with sexual communication, intimacy, and sexual practices.” [additional reading, Waling forthcoming] Chair, Timothy Laurie.

22 July (11am-1pm)

Joanne Faulkner – “Incipient criminals? Australian frontier politics and the representation of Aboriginal boyhood.” [additional reading – Faulkner 2020] Chair, Liam Grealy.

19 August (11am-1pm)

Rob Cover – “Queer boys on Australian screens: representing masculinity, vulnerability and resilience in Australian stories.” [additional reading – Cover 2022] Chair, Timothy Steains.

16 September (11am-1pm)

Michael Flood – “A Critical Stocktake of ‘Healthy Masculinities’ Programs in Australia.” [additional reading – Flood 2020] Chair, Hannah Hayes.

7 October (11am-1pm)

Jessica Kean & Denise Buiten – “Boys and Gender Politics” [additional reading, TBC]. Chair, Prudence Black.

9 December (11am-1pm)