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Girls and Boys: Gendered forms of youth

Come study with us! Starting in August, Girls and Boys: Gendered forms of youth (GCST4211/5211), will be offered to masters and honours students at the University of Sydney. Designed and taught by the Feminist Boys Studies Research Group the unit will explore the gendered formations of youth and youth culture, changing ideas about girlhood and boyhood and the cultural and social practices that give them meaning in our lives.

This unit offers students a chance to explore interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research into girlhoods & boyhoods, girl and boy cultures, and the constitution and complication of distinctions between boys and girls. The Boys Studies team will offer students an introduction to prominent scholarship in the field, and a front row seat to our own emergent research. Students will develop a critical understanding of the formation of discourses on girls and boys and how this structures the opportunities and experience of young people today.

Topics include: girls, boys, and feminism; gendered parenting and play; popular representations of boys and girls; age-based media regulation; race, youth and intersectionality; the politics of age and development; trans and non-binary youth; young sexualities; risk and harm-reduction policies.

Students can enrol for on-campus or remote options in this unit as appropriate. Classes will involve a two-hour interactive online lecture each week (join in live on Wednesdays 4-6pm from 3 August, or download/stream afterwards) and either a zoom tutorial or an in-person tutorial on Thursdays from 11 August.

Online enrolment details:

For more information: email [email protected].